Best of Jan 2014

Best Online Videos January 2014

Ben Cecil Best Online Videos

Every day we spend hours doing “research,” combing the web so you don’t have to.  This is the result.  Below, you’ll find the Best Online Videos of Janurary 2014.  (We didn’t include any Super Bowl commercials yet, btw.)

This first one is one of more powerful PSAs you’ll see.  Also, great use of extreme slow mo.  Usually slow mo is used as eye candy.  In this video, it’s an important visual tactic that helps the idea come to life.

“It’s funny because it’s true.”  Was kind of hoping this would be an ad for something that solves these problems, but it’s for something else less exciting.

Apple knows how to connect w/ us emotionally.  Using audio from Dead Poets Society was a stroke of genius.  “The name…. is Nwanda.”  (they didn’t use this line)

“Thank You, Mom” is a campaign we first saw 2 years ago for the Summer Olympics.  Glad they continued it this year for the Sochi Games.  It’s solid.   BTW… still waiting for the dads to get a little love.

This next video proves that big ideas don’t always need big budgets.  Make sure you look at the video title.  Then wait for it….

Another heartfelt video.  Duracell capitalizes on an amazing story… by leaving themselves out of it.  Remember, your brand is not the hero.