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Corporate Video Can Be Viral

Ben Cecil Best Practices

We’ve always told our clients, “Trying to go viral is a virus.”  

But, inadvertently we fear that we’ve communicated that being boring is ok.  It’s not.

I think approaching your video content with a “viral” attitude is essential.  What do I mean?  You should always make an attempt to be bold or at the very least discuss it.  Bold doesn’t necessarily mean silly, funny or high budget.  It doesn’t mean you have to destroy things (even though we have).  To us, BOLD simply means doing it differently than the rest.  There’s always a place for that.

Here’s our version of BOLD.  And to be honest with you, we wanted to get silly and a bit self-indulgent.  This is what happened.

For UPG by UPG.  Enjoy.

Outtakes  NSFW (some bad language, bleeped)