How Video is Dominating Social Media Marketing


8-8-2014 | By: Ben Cecil

Social media has become one of the fundamental forms of communication. Outside of being used as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, it's evolved into a network that we utilize to promote our brand and expertise.

And video? Well, it’s taking social media marketing to a new level.

Here is some quick info about this developing trend and how it can help advance your brand narrative.

Interesting Facts

• The Huffington Post states that 93% of marketers utilize social media for business purposes.

• According to The Guardian, video will make up 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017.

• Micro-videos are on the rise, especially since it's easier than posting a 150 character status or uploading a 5 minute long video. More brands, both large and small, are expected to utilize micro-video apps, such as Vine and Instagram's video-sharing feature, in order to build awareness and drive demand."The smartest brands are finding interesting ways of integrating this media across social media."


(Of course, just like with any marketing tactic… social media is still just a tactic and hopefully part of a bigger picture marketing strategy.)


Benefits of Video Marketing on Social Media

• Storytelling Still Rules

Many people don't always link storytelling with social media marketing, but any social media marketing expert will tell you otherwise. Kristen Sussman, President at Social Distillery says, "Some stories are best told with video. That's why the smartest brands are finding interesting was of integrating this media into their marketing mix and across social media."

It's no coincidence that our favorite brands are usually the best video storytellers. Brands like Apple, GoPro and Ben & Jerry’s are good examples. I mean, what would you rather do, watch the video below or read about how GoPro is about your personal adventure?  Duh.

People are Visual

Yes, we adore visual imagery. Apparently, others do, too. WebDAM indicates that 65% of audiences are visual learners. This means that they are processing visual information, like video, 60,000 times faster than text-based info. Pictures usually paint thousands of words with just one image and viewers are more likely to digest the information more quickly and accurately.

Plus, let’s be honest. We don’t read as much as we used to. We want info faster. Too much text usually causes audiences to move on. This isn’t a hard and fast rule but you may lose people if you make them work too hard to get the message, even in the world social media. Videos aren't as time-consuming and allow viewers to put their energies into multiple areas. 

• Emotion Kicks Ass

We’ve all heard that our buying decisions are emotionally driven. Not news at all. So, why wouldn’t we use video to connect with our audience? Uploading videos with real people and real situations allows your viewers to relate on a more personal level. The more you display emotion, the more responsive consumers will be.

• Engagement is Key

In the new age of digital marketing, it’s no longer about you. Your brand is not the hero. It’s about them. It’s about your audience(hopefully, your prospects).

Quality video will help drive engagement. If viewers feel they have a place in the conversation, they will keep engaging. They will keep sharing. Your narrative will build right alongside the conversation.

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