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Top 5 Reasons for Updating Your Video

Ben Cecil Best Practices, Video Marketing

Regardless of what your goal is with video, we all want to be engaged. Nobody wants to be held hostage by boringness. None of us want to watch something irrelevant. Don’t torture people. That’s not what video marketing is for. 

A common pain we come across is out-of-date video.  After all, keeping your video marketing library updated is an important part of any successful marketing program.

Here are the Top 5 reasons to update your video, laced with some pointed sarcasm & storytelling, just for giggles.

Top 5 Reasons for Updating Your Video

5. Fred is in it. He was fired 2 years ago.

You put Fred in the video because he’s got funny hair and people liked him. He was good for laughs and the video was a hit.  But now, you get questions about him from potential customers and that has led to uncomfortable conversations, especially since Fred was canned for “inappropriate computer use.”  Yep, time to update your video.

On a serious note, there are also legal risks involved with using a former employee’s likeness in a marketing video, so it is best to scrap it and start over or cut Fred out of the video.

4. You gushed about “new QR Code marketing” 

The video was about your company’s commitment to innovation. You mentioned QR codes as if they were a hot stock tip. You may have even mentioned MySpace.  Yikes! So, you sound out-of-touch and your company looks bad. Tell us again about your commitment to emerging trends and innovation? Yep, time to update your video.

3. You don’t sell that anymore (actually, no one does)

The video is good… right up until your CTO talks about the product’s new “fax machine integration.” Plus, the logo on the video is the version designed by the CEO’s flunky son in 1993. So, whenever your sales team shows the video, they have to provide their own narration.  “We don’t sell that anymore.”  “Our new logo is much better.” Yes, your sales and marketing video requires several “qualifiers” before viewing.  Fail. 

Yep, time to update your video.

2. Looks terrible (like a hostage video)

If it’s an episode of Magnum P.I., it’s ok that it looks old. After all , Tom Selleck’s mustache will look good, regardless.

But your team is not that good looking. Now, this awful looking video is the focus, not your value proposition.  It’s in 4:3 aspect ratio for goodness sake.  Jeez. 

And those green screen graphics are torture.

Yep, you need to update your video.

1. It’s Ineffective

Once a week, you exclaim that you “hate your freaking videos.” You complain that they look and sound horrid and out of date. But, let’s face it, if they still helped drive demand, you’d keep them. Right? But they don’t. Any goal metrics you’ve set your sights on… come up short.  The videos speak to the wrong customers.  ROI?  Yeah, right.

Remember that old Nissan you killed? Remember how you never changed the oil? Yeah, this is a little like that. You let it go for too long without maintenance. It has stopped working.

So, what are you waiting for? Do something about it. Maybe your sales team will stop “forgetting” your birthday. 

Yep. Time to update that video.