Why Are There So Many Bad Corporate Videos?  - Innotech Austin 2014


10-13-2014 | By: Ben Cecil

Corporate video, whether for marketing or HR pursposes should not be boring. We all agree on this, right? So, why are there so many boring corporate videos out there? What makes them boring? We asked dozens of marketers this very question. Here are their responses, via (funny) videos.

What's your Great Idea? 

What are some of the worst corporate video cliches?

Why are most corporate videos so boring?


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Ben is UPG's Strategy Director and has been crafting video campaigns for more than 10 years. Before UPG, Ben spent 7 years in local television, helping cultivate, deploy and measure branding efforts on broadcast and new media platforms. Ben hates boring video and loves chasing around his 2 year old son.

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