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We do the idea and We do the video.

The UPG Video team is made up of an ad agency veteran, a former brand manager and some of the best video production professionals in the business. Each team member believes great video content is a result of great collaboration between the Client and Vendor. We're ready team up and create greatness.

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Let's Create Great Video Together

Strong creative + Strong process = Great Client Experience 

UPG has spent a great deal of time cultivating an elite client experience. 

Our video production services include a deep discovery and creative idea development effort. Why? Because bad ass video begins with an bad ass idea. One that we'll find together. 

UPG is made up of former brand manager, ad agency and video production firm vets. You'll enjoy the fact the video production company you've chosen has a deep understanding of brand. We also use a fixed pricing approach to remove the element of surprise. 

Let's do some video.

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From Idea to Impact Examples

  • Grande Cable - Zombies!

    Grande Cable - Zombies!

  • W2O SXSW Wrap Up

    W2O SXSW Wrap Up

  • BBQ Party Promo - SXSW

    BBQ Party Promo - SXSW

  • Southern Star Brewing - Capital CDC

    Southern Star Brewing - Capital CDC

  • Texas HHSC: S.A.P.D Mental Health Unit

    Texas HHSC: S.A.P.D Mental Health Unit

  • BP3 Brand/Culture

    BP3 Brand/Culture

  • Austin Aztex - Style Video

    Austin Aztex - Style Video

Full Portfolio