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Let's Create Demand.

Great ideas make for great video. A product video company should deliver a video that's engaging. It should speak directly to the customer's pains, experiences or ambitions. Creative video should create demand. This pursuit fuels our product video services.

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UPG Product Video Services

Our Process:

  1. We get a deep understanding of your company, products, services and competition.
  2. The pursuit of a great idea for your product video begins.
  3. We provide several idea choices and collaborate with you on selecting a final idea.
  4. The product video production fun happens!
  5. We revise the video to your liking and get it uploaded.

UPG uses a predicatable budget approach. Transparent with no surprises. 

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Product Video Production Examples

  • Kammok Outdoor Gear

    Kammok Outdoor Gear

  • Door Jammer - “Seconds”

    Door Jammer - “Seconds”

  • Intel Product Marketing

    Intel Product Marketing

  • Lifesize “Cloud” Product Tour

    Lifesize “Cloud” Product Tour

  • The Jingling App

    The Jingling App

  • UPG Demo Reel

    UPG Demo Reel

Full Portfolio