Tech Industry


How We Do Tech Video

Telling tech stories gets us pumped.  Whether it's for a new app, software launch or a semiconductor machine, we’ve helped our clients show the value of their technology at multiple points in their sales process.  Watch the video below for more about how we do tech video.

Unite Right and Left Brain

If you’re involved with technology, there’s a good chance you’ve heard this phrase, and for good reason.  Your target audience might be an engineer or it might be a consumer.  Either way, we have to use our creativity and your product knowledge to get their attention and communicate value.

UPG Tech Video Process


Research plays a key role in our process.  Sure, we’re creative as hell but an idea can only be great if it accomplishes the goal.  Our deep understanding of the companies we work with is what has made those relationships successful.


How will this video campaign work within your big picture marketing program? Do we put the videos on YouTube? How do we integrate into our social media marketing?  We've got some ideas.


We believe in the power of the big idea.  We develop a creative brief that will help guide us as we pursue the big idea that will work for you. Then, we'll propose concepts to you.

Video Production

From start to finish, we handle the whole video production process.  What we deliver to our clients is high-end with a visual quality that can only come from decades of video creation experience.


We help you get the video content to its rightful place.

Tech Industry Examples

  • Intel Product Marketing

    Intel Product Marketing

  • BP3 Brand/Culture

    BP3 Brand/Culture

  • Lifesize “Cloud” Product Tour

    Lifesize “Cloud” Product Tour

  • The Jingling App

    The Jingling App

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