Testimonial Video Production


Tell authentic stories.

Testimonials are most effective when included as part of a story. The more the viewer understands the journey of a satisfied customer, the more effective their endorsement will be. Our testimonial video servies include a documentary-style storytelling approach. 

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UPG Testimonial Video Services

Tell authentic stories

Let's be honest. No business will post a negative testimonial video. It's not Yelp. Viewers know this. Testimonial video services should help you create a story that doesn't feel like a pitch or a commercial. UPG will help you bring out the story and context in which your company helped a customer succeed.  

When it comes to video, we focus on creating an easy, predictable client experience. Video shouldn't be hard. We use a "locked" pricing approach. This means no surprises. Just great video content. 

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Testimonial Video Production Examples

  • Southern Star Brewing - Capital CDC

    Southern Star Brewing - Capital CDC

  • BP3 Client Testimonial Film

    BP3 Client Testimonial Film

  • OpenStack Case Story

    OpenStack Case Story

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