Video Marketing


How We Do Video

We’re marketers first and video production experts second.  That’s why our process is shaped with the busy marketing professional in mind.  We handle the entire process, from idea to execution.  For more, check out the quick video below.

Video Marketing vs. Production

When you walk into a video production company, they’ll usually ask you about your idea.  When you walk into a video marketing company like UPG, we ask you about your customers and what drives their decisions.  Then, together we find an idea that will get their attention.

The UPG Process


Research plays a key role in our process.  Sure, we’re creative as hell but an idea can only be great if it accomplishes the goal.  Our deep understanding of the companies we work with is what has made those relationships successful.


How will this video campaign work within your big picture marketing program? Do we put the videos on YouTube? How do we integrate into our social media marketing?  We've got some ideas.


We believe in the power of the big idea.  We develop a creative brief that will help guide us as we pursue the big idea that will work for you. Then, we'll propose concepts to you.

Video Production

From start to finish, we handle the whole video production process.  What we deliver to our clients is high-end with a visual quality that can only come from decades of video creation experience.


We help you get the video content to its rightful place.

Video Marketing Examples

  • Intel Product Marketing

    Intel Product Marketing

  • Lifesize “Cloud” Product Tour

    Lifesize “Cloud” Product Tour

  • The Jingling App

    The Jingling App

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