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We do the idea and We do the video.

We’re marketers first and video production experts second.  That’s why our video marketing services are shaped with the busy marketing professional in mind. We handle the entire process, from idea to execution. Think of us as your own little agency.. that sticks to video.  

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UPG Video Marketing Services

Our video marketing company is made up of former ad agency and brand management vets. This is not only important in the planning and strategy stages but also when we're on-set. It's valuable when your video production team also understands your marketing program. 

Our process includes deep brand discovery and creative development for effective ideas. Sure, we’re creative as hell but an idea can only be great if it accomplishes the goal.

UPG keeps costs predictable by using a "locked" pricing approach for video marketing services whenever possible. If we say it will cost a certain amount... then that's the only amount you'll be billed for. 

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Video Marketing Services Examples

  • Lifesize “Cloud” Product Tour

    Lifesize “Cloud” Product Tour

  • Intel Product Marketing

    Intel Product Marketing

  • Austin Aztex - Style Video

    Austin Aztex - Style Video

  • BP3 Event Recap

    BP3 Event Recap

  • Grande Cable - Sick Days

    Grande Cable - Sick Days

  • Guitar Curriculum (.Com)

    Guitar Curriculum (.Com)

  • Kammok Outdoor Gear

    Kammok Outdoor Gear

  • MW Wash - Social Media

    MW Wash - Social Media

  • OpenStack Case Story

    OpenStack Case Story

Full Portfolio