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Some of these lawyers are trying to be funny. Some are just acting like jackasses... and we love it! (Please don't sue us, attorneys.)

Our new video series highlights the more amusing side of corporate video learning moments.

Most video testimonials provide little to no context, not to mention story. That's why you should do "video case stories." Here's how.

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9-2-2014 | By: Ben Cecil

Here are some quick things to keep in mind when using video in advertising or tactical marketing. Even if you're not spending the big bucks.

7-17-2014 | By: Ben Cecil

The new, digital world rewards the bold. But have marketers forgotten a fundamental component to all marketing and advertising?

1-22-2014 | By: Stephen Mick

More and more brands are making their “first impression” using video on the web. Stakes are high.

12-6-2013 | By: Stephen Mick

Make your idea eighty percent smarter, rather than making your execution look twenty percent better.

12-6-2013 | By: Stephen Mick

Content is a conversation, and a gifted conversationalist knows to spend as much time listening as talking. Your brand needs to shut up.