Great video comes from a great idea.

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Whether it's video marketing, advertising or brand storytelling, great video is the result of a great idea. Our plan is to present you with viable creative options. 

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The Video

We handle all of the video production. Because our video production creatives are also involved in the idea process, you'll have a well-rounded team on-set that understands your brand and your goals.

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Texas Parks & Wildlife: Dive Team

Texas HHSC: Small Town, Big Heart

Kammok Outdoor Gear

Southern Star Brewing - Capital CDC

Leigh the Glassblower

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We Do Ideas. We Do Video.

The Idea Blog

We spend a lot of time experimenting, researching and guiding our clients to video success. Below is some of what we've learned. We hope it’s a resource for you.

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There are dozens of video companies in your area.  Unfortunately, not all of them are created equal. So, how do you select the right one for your goals?  Downloading this one-sheet is a good first step.


Video is good.  An effective video strategy is better.  This one-sheet will help you plot your course to video success.

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Our Story

We began this odyssey back in 2008. We wanted to create an agency where client collaboration is at the center of what we do. Afterall, clients know their business and their competition better than we ever will. 

We're a creative, honest group of hardworking storytellers that excel with clients that can put their trust in an outside creative vendor.

Before UPG, founders Woody Harrison and Ben Cecil spent most of their careers creating news content and executing brand building campaigns for local television stations, in several different major markets. Creative Director, Stephen Mick joined the fun a few years later, bringing more than 15 years of major ad agency experience with him. A great idea man, for sure.

But enough about us. What's your story?

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Here's a quick look at a recent UPG comedy campaign.

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