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We tell stories. Stories that communicate the value of a service, product, culture or experience. Stories that drive a bigger picture narrative. Stories that a make up a strong video strategy.


Video Marketing

Storytelling to drive demand.  Whether it's for the top of your sales funnel, an event or a media buy, our hatred for boring video will serve you well.​

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Video for Tech

Valuable technology should never feel boring. Telling tech stories gets us pumped, regardless if it's an app, a data center or a laptop. Let's do this.   

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Industries We’ve Served

Telling relevant stories isn’t exclusive to one business category or market.  Still, we’ve done some extensive work in a few specific areas. 

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How We Do It

Video should be easy.  That’s why we work hard to keep our process predictable and effective.


We're a marketing-driven video company.  Lets figure out what success looks like.


We handle all of the video production and pride ourselves on delivering a high-end piece of storytelling greatness. 


With the help of our video marketing platform, you can get the video out there fast.


How are targets engaging with your video content?  Our video marketing platform provides great insight.

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The Home Page Video

Intel Product Marketing

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21CT Talent Recruiting

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Don’t think video. Think video strategy.


We spend a lot of time experimenting, researching and guiding our clients to video success.  Below is the result.  We hope it’s a resource for you.

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Live in Austin, presented by Austin Classical Guitar and UPG Video, features a live, unedited, in-studio performance of Nikolai Rimsky- Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee.

Before dedicating resources to building a YouTube marketing campaign you need to understand what YouTube is, what it’s best used for, and its limitations.

These are the video marketing tactics that your competitors are using in the 21st Century.

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Takeaway Content


There are dozens of video companies in your area.  Unfortunately, not all of them are created equal. So, how do you select the right one for your goals?  Downloading this one-sheet is a good first step.


Video is good.  An effective video strategy is better.  This one-sheet will help you plot your course to video success.

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Our Story

It’s been more than 5 years since we started this experiment.  We wanted to tell stories people wanted to hear, from brands they welcome into their lives. 

The rise of video’s dominance in the digital landscape lets us do that. 

Our founders, Woody Harrison and Ben Cecil spent most of their careers creating news content and executing marketing campaigns for local television stations in several different major markets.

Now, Ben and Woody’s team look to be disruptive in every market they work within.  Because after all, most of us just want to watch something that doesn’t suck, right?

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Latest Launch - Comedy

Latest Look

Here's a quick look at UPG's latest comedy video campaign.

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