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5 Video Marketing Tactics Working Right Now

Ben Cecil Video Marketing, Video Strategy

#1 Video Case Story

Testimonials were great a few years back when it was a new tactic.  It was at the center of many video marketing strategies but was often done poorly.  Plus, these videos are not user-generated, like Yelp reviews and the like–people know this.  Today’s viewer is much more sophisticated. The bar has been raised for sure.

Enter video case story.  This tactic builds upon the testimonial’s framework using storytelling.  It presents an individual’s context and of course their problem. The video case story then lays out the individual’s journey to satisfaction.  Playing a key role in this journey is the offered product or service(your company). The objective is to connect with the prospect by showing them someone who was in their shoes and found success.  This provides much better engagement rather than just listening to a drone yammering on about how “amazing” a company or brand is.

#2 Agile Video Marketing (for Events)

We connect with content we care about.   It’s got to be relevant.  Relevance isn’t solely dependent on topic, however.  Time and place are also important.  This comes into play big time at events like tradeshows or seminars and the like. Keep in mind that social media sites are abuzz during these gatherings.
To get the most out of your marketing during these events, involve relevant attendees in your video marketing efforts.  Make it fun.  Make it about them.  Then turn it around on the spot(on scene) and use it to engage over social media.  You’ll find the people you used in the videos are more than happy to engage and share your content. This is agile video marketing at its best.

#3 Make the Most of Special Occasions

Many companies struggle to develop relevant content to feed their channels.  It’s important for us to see the opportunities to create relevant video marketing content.  Many opportunities lie in your company’s internal functions or events.  If all 15 members of the leadership team are in town for a week of strategic planning… get them to each sit down and cover 3 or 4 topics that people care about.  You’ll end up with at least a dozen quick, topic-driven video pieces that can be used in blogging, etc.

#4 The Age Of Mobile And Micro-video

Many companies are starting to realize the power of the direct video content. In fact, a 3 to 15 second video is four times more likely to get reposted on a social network than a longer one, (Jarrod Payne). This is because a short snippet can be easily enjoyed on even small devices, and by sharing a shorter clip, the poster is asking people for a smaller time commitment.

Equally important to length is the ability to make videos that can be well received on mobile devices. No longer do people just sit and watch videos on the computer, it is just as likely that they’ll watch it on a tablet or phone. Since a marketer can’t choose the device their audience uses, it is wisest to appeal to all bases.

#5 Collaborating Creates The Most Benefit

When you create video marketing content, it’s only as good as the channels it goes out on.  So, what if you could double or triple the reach of your social media footprint, increasing the level of conversation in your video marketing content? Creating video marketing content that involves someone else can do this.  (Bloggers have been doing it for years. ) Team up on the video creation.  Get them involved, even if it’s a minor role.  Then, they’ll share it and promote it thru their channels just like you would.  This is a big win… but if you really want to do it right, involve someone in your target market.  We(UPG) do a lot of work with HR professionals & recruiters.  When we wrote a blog and eBook about creating an effective recruiting video, we asked a well-known expert in the talent recruiting field to help us out.  He is very active online with a huge social media footprint.   The work we did together has been some of the most successful to date.