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12-11-2013 | By: Ben Cecil

All year, we've been committed to bringing you the best online videos we can find.  Below is the delightful result.  As far as criteria goes, here are some of what we look for:  creativity, humor, storytelling, and how a brand is presented.  The objective of most of the video marketing or video content pieces below is to drive demand... for something.  Whether it's to sell a product or to get people to "subscribe," we look for the vidoes that do it well.
By the way, all of these videos were tweeted or posted via facebook at some point... by us.  Are you following us?  You should.



TOMS - "Giving in the U.S."

Great example of brand storytelling... because the hero of the video is NOT the brand.



This video moves slowly... and then it gets you.  Try to set your A.D.D. viewing issues aside and just watch.  You'll be glad you did.


Karl Gude - "How to draw Great Butts with just FIVE LINES"

This damn video is simply hilarious.  Great content.  I would subscribe.

Virgin America - "Safety Video"

My cohort, Stephen Mick put it best, "The Virgin America Safety Video is a great example of a creative process that began with "what if" instead of "what is."  Read his post.

Bounty - "Paper Towl Artist:  A Social Media Short"

Coming across this opportunity is unusual.  Perfectly executing the story is beyond rare.  - "Albuquerque Baloon Fiesta"

Very simple.  Very effective.  Great visual content with great music.

O2 - "Be More Dog"


RedBull - "Danny MacAskill's Imaginate"

"Extreme" style bike videos aren't rare.  Between Red Bull and GoPro we see many.  But this is an amazing exception.  The amazing bike tricks are overshadowed by a wonderful concept and set design.

KMART - "Ship My Pants"

Instant classic.

Electroboom - "Don't Worry, it's just ESD!"

This is a reminder that when doing video content, some of the mistakes or imperfections may actually be the most engaging part of your campaign.  This company has turned minor mishaps with electricity into a successful video content campaign.  Pretty entertaining.

What we'd miss?

Tell us about your favorite 2013 videos.  Who knows, maybe we'll add it to this list, like, today.


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