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10-8-2013 | By: Ben Cecil

As companies continue to invade social media, the bar for their meaningful participation continues to get higher.   Many companies are as welcome on these social channels as that “drunk uncle” that shows up at all the family outings.  

So how do companies, small & large, B2C & B2B, avoid being that “drunk uncle” and cultivate a voice(and content) that keeps them relevant in the right conversation and communicates their story at the same time?

This was the topic for a panel UPG organized recently for Innotech Austin.  They discussed topics like Connected Content, Subject Matter Experts, & How to Tell a Story.    


But we also brought an actual Drunk Uncle with us.  Below, is somewhat of a highlight reel, including many hilarious and borderline inappropriate videos he shot before and during the event.  



This is his awkward announcement that he'd be coming to our panel, plus his dramatic interpretations of some bad brand tweets:  

Here are some of the Instagram Videos he did at the actual event while roaming around, 4 beers deep.  Many were sent to recipients via Twitter, with love of course.  UPG's idea of Agile Video Content engagement.

What NOT to do on Social Media

True to our theme for the day, we went around asking people what companies should never ever do on social media.  The answers didn't disappoint.  The Drunk Uncle also made an appearance.


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