Top 5 Hilarious Attorney Commercials


8-1-2014 | By: Ben Cecil

We've all seen them when we're watching Maury or "Cheaters." Personal injury attorneys going to great lenghs to make an impression. Some turn to a clever phrase or concept and others(most) just resort to jackassotry. Here are 5 fabulous videos from across the spectrum.  Enjoy.

This guy is a real lawyer. His radio commercials are also poetic greatness.  BTW, stay out of his way.

Oh no he didn't! Yes, he dropped a real car on his desk. Why? Because lawyers gonna lawyer.

This guy's got a whole library of videos worth watching. This one is actually kind of clever. His others are not. 

I grew up watching this guy's commercials. It's the "hammer time" that makes it art.

Awesome concept. Hilarious. Well done.


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