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How to Use Video In Your Email Marketing

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Most of us now get our insider scoop about upcoming products, services, and sales via email. However, there is a fine line between that email that grabs the attention of your consumers and the message that just makes a one click trip directly to the trash bin. Using video as part of your email marketing strategy is an effective way of making sure potential customers actually get the message.

Why Incorporate Video As Part of Your Email Marketing Strategy?

The answer is actually pretty simple. From the moment a person opens their browser, they are inundated with an abundance of written content. Written text is on their home screen, it fills their message list, it is nearly everywhere they look. In all actuality, a good 80% of this text is disregarded because people do not want to have to read in order to find information, unless it is something they feel is pertinent to them.  Video can provide a consumer with instant information gratification, with little effort.

What Strategy Should Be Used to Implement Video in Email Marketing?

This is where the rubber meets the road. A video campaign for your business is bound to produce desirable results with your potential clients. However, this can only happen if the video is implemented properly. You do have to be careful with this for a couple of reasons.

  1. Not All Email Clients Support Video – Out of an entire list of email hosts, there are actually only a couple that support video play within an email.
  2. Those That Do Can Be Questionable – Even if the email platform being used supports playback of video within an email, things do not always work as they should.

With these two facts in place, you must find a way to make sure that each email delivered actually delivers the video message and does not get discarded when the user feels it will not work. The best thing to do is to insert an image of your video in the email. This is not hard and will work very effectively as long as the image looks like a real media player, with a play button placed directly over the image. When a customer clicks the play button, they should then be directed to your own company page where the video will automatically start. Proper placement and ease of access is the biggest key. If a customer has to click play twice, they may move on. Therefore, make sure your video, and links, work to perfection.

What Is the Most Effective Video In Terms of Marketing?

While video is the perfect addition to your email marketing strategy, it has to be done right. Videos should be presented in a way that does not imply spammy advertising. They should be clear, concise, and to the point. Within the first few seconds, the customer should have a good grasp on what it is you are offering and already have a general impression of your company. Keep in mind that the average consumer, just like you and me, wants their need for information fed quickly, so that they can move on to other priorities. This could be the first time that a potential customer is introduced to your company. It is a virtual handshake, so to speak. Make sure that this first meeting builds trust, just as it should when you meet a client for the first time in the real world.

If you are looking to boost traffic, get the client’s attention, or simply spread the word about your company, using video in your email marketing strategy is an incredible idea. Just make sure it is done properly by using these tips to get going.